we use a premium rice and corn based penne for our gluten free pasta


home made potato chips 5
choice of parmesan, old bay, or bleu cheese

route 33  fries 5
choice of parmesan, old bay, or bleu cheese

new orleans “BBQ shrimp” 13
rich & a little spicy, house crafted fries on the side

mussels and frites 13
white wine & garlic

soup of the day 7


add grilled chicken 6, add shrimp 8, add Angus burger 10

fennel & arugula 8
lemon oil vinaigrette, goat cheese

wedge 8
bleu cheese, bacon, tomato & red onion

the blue buffalo 15
greens, avocado, bacon, bleu, tomato, red onion, grilled buffalo chicken

classic caesar 9
house made dressing

market salad 9
ask your server for today’s selection



chicken marsala 23
made a la minute, baby bella mushrooms, spinach

penne & roasted seasonal vegetables 23

shrimp fra diavolo 26
penne, fresh tomato, basil, capers & a little spice

penne & marinara 18

*We use high gluten flour in the production areas of our kitchens

Please note that our house crafted  chips and fries do not contain gluten coatings, but are fried in fry stations that also prepare items that contain gluten.

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